Bullet Proof Lens

The eyes are the window of the soul, TAIUN provide a high-performance facial protection solutions, tactical protective glasses pass military glasses and goggles system specifications, including ANSI Z87.1,EN 166, MIL-PRF-32432 military bullets firing specifications, Have a rugged durability, and can change the lens according to the nature of the mission and the environment, the implementation of the task is seen as real, a clear vision without distortion.


Patented Switch System

01. Press the i-PRESS Button in the temple front end.
02. Remove the lens from the frame.

Uniformed personnel face daily threats more dangerous and extreme than the past, in the implementation of duty and dangerous tasks, the proportion of face and eye injury is very high, the use of protective equipment to protect the safety of personnel and reduce the task of performing interference has a considerable help.