Freeform Shape Modeling
Automotive Styling
Reverse Engineering
Engineering (CAD), Simulation (CAE) and Manufacturing (CAM) Integration (CAD,CAE,CAM)

TAIUN discover the solution, gives greater powers to defeat the enemies of innovation in products development. We combine with the Engineering (CAID/CAD), Simulation (CAE) , Manufacturing (CAM) and QMS System to ensure our Design, Manufacture and QC ability. All the processes are integrate to provide customer the best supply solution!!


Concept : Customer’s or Designer’s new original ideas or sketches and combine with the ergonomic design principles and functional structural element.
2D/3D : CAID use 3D software to make Freeform Shape Modeling and Visualization. We complete product development process. We simplifies the creation of rendered images and accuracy, accelerating the process of true, virtual prototyping.
RP : Make the Mockup (Rapid Prototype) to check the dimension and style shape.
Mold : Use CNC Machine and CAM software to Engraving Production Mold.
Manufacture : Injection, Metal forming, Painting/Coating, Lens Milling and Assembling.
Test/QC : Lens Optical Properties, Safety Impact Resistance and else…
Export : Packing and labeling .