Quality Control

TAIUN discover the solution, gives greater powers to defeat the enemies of innovation in products development. We combine with the Engineering (CAID/CAD), Simulation (CAE) , Manufacturing (CAM) and QMS System to ensure our Design, Manufacture and QC ability. All the processes are integrate to provide customer QMS (Quality management system) integrates our various internal processes follow ISO9001 and provide the process approach for project execution. QMS identify, measure, control and improve our quality processes that will ultimately lead to improved product and business performance. QMS to ensure our products and services are designed and produced to meet or exceed customer requirements. Our testing Processes and standards are following ANSI and EN standards testing Method.

High Quality Control Before Export / Delivery

Each lens is cut, marked and tested with standard steps. and also each frame is polished and painted in 2-5 lavers to meet quality requirements. After that, every pair of eyewear is carefully packed with clean, inspection and tag by our highly skilled workers.